Computer Lab

The institution has a well equipped computer lab with state of the art hardware and software. Utilization of Open Source Software is encouraged in our computer lab. The institution also provides a 12 hour internet access facility with 2 mbps speed.

gkmcmt Computer lab

Digital Language Lab

Comprehensive and user friendly software tool is provided to our students in order to enhance their communication skill. Interactive Language Learning Software is effectively utilized. It offers the instructor an opportunity to not only teach effectively but also monitor the progress of each student individually. It helps the students in interactive learning experience as well as the opportunity to self evaluate his or her progress.


Hi tech library in the institute has a large number of Indian and International titles of various Management subjects. Subscription to leading and professional International – National Management journals is an added feature. e-journals and e-books are also available.

Reprographic Facilities

Reprographic facility is proved to the students as per the AICTE guidelines.

Hostel Facilities

Hostel facilities for ladies will be provided inside the campus. Assistance will be provided for arranging hostel facility for boys.

Canteen Services

A separate cafeteria within the campus to address the refreshment needs of students is also provided.


College bus is provided for the commutation of students and for study visits conducted by the institution as part of the curriculum. Free transportation for day scholars on selected routes.

Lecture halls and Digital Rooms

Lecture halls and tutorial rooms are well furnished and equipped with modern educational aids such as Multi Media LCD Projectors.

gkmcmt lecture hall